Relaxing measures: Technical goods and roadworthiness tests available after five weeks

Today, some of the stores are opened again after the Government closed them five weeks ago in order to help minimize the spread of the new coronavirus. Among other things, it is possible to buy the technical material, and the vulcanizing services and roadworthiness tests are available again.

The Government ordered the closure of non-food stores on 16 March. Besides the grocery stores, only pharmacies, agricultural stores, gas stations, banks, post offices and some other specialized stores cold be opened since then.

Today, the stores selling construction materials, technical goods and furniture can be opened again. Exclusively vulnerable groups such as disabled people over 65 and pregnant women will be able to shop at these stores between 8am and 9.30am. Similarly, the persons over 65 are only able to make purchases during this time, as it applies to grocery stores.

Car and bike shops are also opening today. Tyre vulcanizers, auto body repairers and painters, and other services also start operating again. It is possible to carry out a vehicle roadworthiness tests, but there is no hurry as the permits are extended until 16 June.

Dry cleaners and services are also being reopened, outdoor services are allowed, and personal goods or food may be picked up at pick-up points. Special regular passenger transport services, currently intended for the transport of workers from home to work and back, are also allowed under special conditions.

Protective measures will still apply in stores – wearing a face mask and disinfecting hands.

The range of shopping options will expand again in two weeks, on 4 May as stores of up to 400 square meters of retail space will reopen, which is not the case for those in shopping malls. It will again be possible to visit hairdressing, beauty and animal care salons.


Source: STA,