Over EUR 472,000 in donations on the Government’s covid-19 account

Government speaker Jelko Kacin thanked everyone at the press conference who donated funds to the Ministry of Finance to tackle the covid-19 epidemic. EUR 472,652 have been raised on the account that remains active, he said.

Kacin also said that they helped 800 Slovenian citizens to return home from abroad so far, and 1,500 have found a way to come back on their own with the help of the Slovenian Government. There are still at least 500 Slovenian citizens worldwide who have sought the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Government speaker thanked the Slovenians for their patience and responsibility during the past sunny days. Slovenian police officers also thanked people as there were even fewer violations of the measures than last week.


Source: STA

Photo: Pixabay