Kacin: A misunderstanding about delaying the risk allowance

Risk allowance will be paid, but not immediately as most hospitals lack sufficient liquidity, the Government spokesman Jelko Kacin said today. He believes that the reason for the harsh responses was a misunderstanding. As regards the possible start of restrictive measures release, he stressed that the Government had not yet made concrete decisions.

However, the medical profession has criticized the statements made by the minister of health regarding the risk allowance.

Tuesday’s harsh condemnation of Tomaž Gantar‘s recommendation from the beginning of the month that health centres should delay the payment of risk allowance is, in Kacin’s opinion, the result of a misunderstanding. “It was a communication gap between the minister of health and those whom the minister wanted to clarify matters,” he added.

He explained that most hospitals do not have the liquidity to pay for these allowances and that the intervention law adoption should be awaited, as the funds for the payment of allowances will be provided from the budget.


Source: STA, 24ur.com

Photo: Pixabay

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