Cigler Kralj: Certain trade unions’ proposals will be taken into account

The Ministry of Labour supports several trade unions’ proposals for a second anti-corona package, including crisis compensation in case of becoming unemployed and assistance to overlooked groups, said the minister Janez Cigler Kralj. The president of the Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia, Lidija Jerkič, among other things reiterated the unions’ proposals to ban the rise in prices of basic consumer goods and to reduce their VAT.

The minister pointed out a so called crisis compensation in case of unemployment for all those who will lose work in this time of crisis, equalization of employees in public and private nursing homes as all are equally burdened, extension of assistance to so far neglected groups and certain changes in temporary lay-offs.

The Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia’s president Lidija Jerkič explained that there are still many of union’s proposals, reiterating the proposal to ban the increase in basic consumer prices and reduce their VAT.

She also regretted that the Economic and Social Council had not yet come to life.


Source: STA

Photo: Pixabay

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