Ministry of Culture: Self-employed to report their income drop according to the half-year period

An aid to the self-employed, envisaged in the bill to mitigate the effects of the new coronavirus epidemic, also concerns the field of culture. As the nature of the work of self-employed in culture is specific, the minister Vasko Simoniti said that his ministry submitted an amendment for the self-employed to report their income drop compared to the last six months, not February.

Simoniti said at a news conference today that the bill also pays special attention to the most vulnerable groups in the field of culture. The self-employed in culture, as other self-employed and farmers, will be provided with three months of financial assistance in the form of a basic income by the state. It is expected to be 350 euro for March and 700 for April and May. The state will also cover all social security contributions to the self-employed during the epidemic of the new coronavirus.

According to Simoniti, these benefits include self-employed practitioners of various artistic practices, self-employed journalists and officials in religious institutions.

However, the minister acknowledged that the specificity of the work of the self-employed in culture is that their work is project-related. According to Simoniti, the Ministry of Culture prepared an amendment to the bill, which states that the self-employed have to prove the income drop in comparison to February in order to obtain compensation.

According to the amendment, the self-employed would be able to prove their situation on the basis of the last six months income, since their work is project-related and they didn’t necessarily have any income in February.


Source: STA,

Photo: Pixabay