Banks call for caution when making payments online

Banks and savings banks are urging customers to exercise caution when making online payments and purchases using pay cards. “We advise checking the online point of sale,” the Bank Association of Slovenia said, recalling that the use of mouth and nose protection as well as the gloves is now mandatory in bank branches, too.

The Bank Association of Slovenia pointed out that some banks and savings banks have introduced additional measures and adjusted working hours on Tuesday, when pensioners will receive pensions to their accounts. Most banks have extended it; some will open certain branches that are otherwise closed to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Regarding online purchases, the Association advises that a user checks the online point of sale, what kind of business it is, where the organization is stationed, and what its address is. “When you receive a questionable offer and you transfer the money to a fraudulent merchant, there is very little room for action and reimbursement,” they stressed.

Check the contact information by calling or sending a message. If only a message form is available, any dispute resolution and communication will be difficult. Check the domain of the website and make sure https is displayed in the website address bar, which proves that the connection is secured and credit card information encrypted and safe from intruders.

The Bank Association of Slovenia recalls that all the stores selling fakes that Sicert was able to track down were designed similarly – offering products of renowned brands at extremely low prices. All items are in stock, but there is no information on the organization itself. The product is actually shipped, but the fakes are seized and destroyed by the customs.


Source: STA

Photo: Pixabay