The government discusses a mega bill to help in COVID-19 epidemic

The Government continues to coordinate proposals for measures to help those affected by the epidemic of the new coronavirus; the measured are all combined into a proposal of the so called mega bill. The MPs got acquainted with the legal text on Friday and decided to discuss it today, too because of its scope.

The government wants to hurry up with these measures to help those affected by the epidemic of the new coronavirus, declared on 12 March in Slovenia. Ideally, Prime Minister Janez Janša expects the mega bill to be adopted by the National Assembly by 1 April. The National Assembly president Igor Zorčič said on Thursday that MPs could be adopting the bill at an extraordinary meeting in the middle of the next week.

The state would thus give all the self-employed a universal basic income of 700 euro and write off all their contributions. On Friday night, the Council of Ministers supposedly approved a low-income pensioners and farmers an allowance, and adopted a proposal for a crisis allowance of 200 euro for all those who work these days and are particularly exposed.


Source: STA,

Photo: Pixabay