Janša and Šircelj: There is enough money in the budget

There is currently no concern whether or not there is enough resources to support the measures for the population and the economy as well as current fiscal needs, Prime Minister Janez Janša said. The finance minister Andrej Šircelj also assured that the financial resources exist, and are realistic and reliable. The government is not preparing any special budget rebalancing to tackle the current crisis.

Šircelj recalled that the financial effects of the measures presented today are estimated by the expert group at around two billion euros. The exact effects will be known by Thursday evening.

The sources for financing the measures, according to Šircelj, stem from both existing and emerging mechanisms of the ECB and the euro area, or the whole EU and domestic funds.

According to the minister, the state will also grant guarantees through SID Bank, and the Bank Assets Management Company will be able to buy bad debts.


Source: STA

Photo: Pixabay

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