National Assembly enacted the possibility of one-year deferral of loan repayment

Slovenian National Assembly unanimously adopted the act on the emergency measure of deferred payment of borrowers’ obligations by 77 votes, which the government – together with some other measures – prepared to mitigate the effects of the new . It will now be possible to access a one-year deferral of loan repayments.

The act does not provide for state guarantees for banks. Andrej Šircelj, the minister of finance is convinced that the liquidity of the financial system is stable, robust and he does not expect that this act could in any way affect the financial system and financial stability in the country.

The European Central Bank will also be notified about the decision. The discussions within the Eurogroup show that monetary policy will relax somewhat, Šircelj says, as the ECB will also have to take into account the current situation. “The financial system is stable and will remain so,” he stressed.


Source: STA,

Photo: Pixabay