Simoniti took over business at the Ministry of Culture

Vasko Simoniti took over as a minister of culture three days ago. According to the ministry, he thanked the previous minister Zoran Poznič for the work he had done, and stressed that there were many challenges ahead of the ministry, announcing the immediate start of the work.

Slovenian National Assembly confirmed a new government team led by Prime Minister Janez Janša on Friday. Simoniti was previously approved as a candidate by the relevant National Assembly committee, before which he announced that he would first devote himself to the preparation of a national cultural program. He will also pay attention to the potential for private investments in this area and greater use of European funds.

Simoniti said that he wants to study how to introduce good practices in Slovenia and thus expand the possibility of investing in cultural offerings. According to him, the legal basis for introducing tax reliefs for donors, sponsors and investors should be prepared.

With regard to the self-employed in the culture, he intends to continue the already initiated dialogue at the ministry, which would lead to a comprehensive solution to their status and possibly a specific act. He also mentioned the need to amend the media act.

The government of Janez Janša was confirmed in the National Assembly late Friday night. Slovenia has thus gotten its 14th government, consisted of the SDS, SMC, NSi and DeSUS parties.


Source: STA

Photo: Pixabay