Slovenia got 14th government

Slovenian National Assembly confirmed the ministerial team of the new government led by SDS head Janez Janša – 52 votes in favour and 31 against it. Thus Slovenia got the 14th government consisted of the SDS, SMC, NSi and DeSUS parties.

The third government under Janša’s leadership

52 deputies from the coalition of SDS, SMC, NSi and DeSUS, as well as SNS in the opposition and both members of national communities voted in favour of the government. Members of LMŠ, SD and the Left voted against while SMC member Jani Möderndorfer abstained from voting.

All 16 ministers of the new government have already sworn in before the National Assembly to respect the constitutional order, follow their conscience and do all in their power for the welfare of Slovenia.

On Friday, the National Assembly thus confirmed the 14th government in the history of the independent state of Slovenia and the third government under the leadership of Janez Janša. He formed a new coalition majority after Marjan Šarec resigned as prime minister, and Janša was named to form a new government.


Source: STA,

Photo: Pixabay

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