Amendment to the Waste Packaging Regulation in a public hearing

Last week, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning put forward a proposal for amendments to the regulation on packaging and waste packaging management. It proposes that utilities would no longer hand over all packaging to waste management companies, but also directly to processing contractors.

The handover would be financed by an environmental levy. In order to stabilize the situation in the area of ​​packaging waste, the ministry proposes that the cost of managing packaging waste – not taken over from the public service providers by the packaging waste management company – is paid by the state from the budget. However, not at the expense of the taxpayers but of the producers, that is until the change of the packaging waste management system and its alignment with the requirements of the relevant European directive.

The necessary resources should be obtained by paying the environmental levy and not by paying this cost to packaging waste management companies. The cost is estimated at 20 million to 22 million euros a year, the ministry wrote. The public service provider would select the contractor based on a tender, and the cost of managing the packaging waste would be paid by the state from the budget.

To this end, tripartite contracts between the public service provider, the processing contractor and the Ministry of the Environment would be concluded. The cost of collecting and transporting the packaging waste and the cost of its processing would be separately accounted for, while the processing contractor would also have to take into account the market value of the packaging waste materials. The state would pay the processing costs only up to the prescribed amount and on the basis of invoices and supporting documents submitted by the processing contractor.


Source: STA,