The first three ministerial candidates before parliamentary committees today

The competent working bodies of the National Assembly are hearing the first three candidates for ministers in the government of Janez Janša today. Foreign minister-candidate Anže Logar, labour minister-candidate Janez Cigler Kralj and Matej Tonin for a defence minister will present themselves.

The remaining ministerial candidate hearings will be held in the National Assembly in the upcoming days with the committees holding four to five hearings a day. The working bodies will decide whether or not the presentation of the candidate was appropriate. The chairpersons of the committees will inform the National Assembly president and the Prime Minister Janez Janša within 48 hours. The latter may then replace any of the candidates within three days.

MPs will vote in full on the ministerial list. Given the fact that the new coalition has 47 votes secured, the rejection of the list would be a surprise. The proposal for a ministerial list, formed by a coalition of the SDS, SMC, NSi and DeSUS parties, was submitted by the new Prime Minister Janez Janša to the parliament late Friday night.

Janša nominated seven candidates from the SDS quota, four from the SMC quota, three NSi candidates and two of DeSUS. Most of the names have been known to the public earlier and are mostly known political actors. Among the less-known candidates are, for example, a candidate for a minister of public administration Boštjan Koritnik and Helena Jaklitsch for a minister without a portfolio for Slovenian diaspora.


Source: STA