Amendment of the law on elections discussed in National Assembly today

MPs hold a general discussion today on the proposal to amend the law on elections to the National Assembly. A group of 59 MPs from the parties of LMŠ, SD, SMC, SAB, NSi, SNS and the Left, as well as both members of the national communities have signed the bill, proposing the abolition of electoral districts and introduction of a relative preferential vote. A little less than seven hours is scheduled for the discussion.

The amendment is not supported by the SDS, nor any DeSUS deputies signed the bill. However, at least 60 votes are required to adopt the amendment.

Today, the National Assembly will – in the first reading – also vote on the amendment of the law on military duty, as the SDS party proposes reintroduction of the conscription. The mandatory military service is expected to last six months and the civilian service 12 months. In yesterday’s discussion, most MPs expressed a negative standpoint.


Source: STA

Photo: Pixabay