Šarec: I might be even more surprised if we had snap election

A possible agreement on the new Prime Minister Janez Janša‘s government does not come as a big surprise to LMŠ president Marjan Šarec. He might be even more surprised if Slovenia held snap election, the PM who resigned and is dealing with current business only, said in a press statement at the National Assembly.

He wishes, however, that those – who claimed before the 2018 elections that they would not cooperate with SDS president Janez Janša – lived up to their word. He, however, foresaw the possibility of a new government to be formed, and the scenario is now heading in that direction.

The LMŠ president did not deny suggestions regarding offers to certain SMC members to get close to LMŠ rather than support Janša. The doors of LMŠ are open, he said, to anyone who shares their values.

If the government is formed, LMŠ will be a constructive opposition with common sense and aware of what Slovenia needs, Šarec said.


Source: STA