PM Šarec expects convening of “relevant National Assembly Commissions” on financing parties and media from abroad

The head of the LMŠ party and the PM who has been running only the current affairs expects the “respective presidents of the National Assembly commissions” to start actively working on the issues of financing the parties and their media from abroad. “Whoever finances you is probably not doing so because you are smart, but wants something in return,” he wrote on Facebook and warned against the SDS-led government.

“We are discussing what kind of offer one will give, who will take over a certain office… But we should ask ourselves to whom this government will be subordinated, if the SDS party’s media is proven (and SDS does not even deny it) to be financed from Hungary, not to mention controversial loans from Republic of Srpska,” Šarec wrote, noting that even the NSi party’s head Matej Tonin had not yet convened the National Intelligence and Security Services Commission as he prefers to negotiate about the position in the new coalition.

Instead, SDS is threatening Šarec with a lawsuit due to his statements about the party financing from abroad. “Let’s be serious. It’s just like a shark would complain about being considered a dangerous animal,” he wrote.

He pointed out many insults made in the past by SDS President Janez Janša and members of his party, the insulting of journalists calling them prostitutes, and actions of “their media that go to the lowest levels of discredit, on a personal level”. “When someone sues Janez Janša, it’s a case of ‘wrong-judiciary’, when Janez Janša is the one suing, the court procedures are fine. Simply double standards…,” he wrote.

He again denied allegations by SDS that the LMŠ’s MP Aljaž Kovačič had revealed to the media secret information about transactions of Hungarian money to Slovenia and Northern Macedonia. “Come on, gentlemen, really? (…) Anyone who has not been following you for years and years, either as an observer or as an active participant in politics, might buy it. Me – not anymore,” he added.


Source: STA,

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