A considerable drop in regulated fuel prices since last night

Regulated fuel prices – of unleaded 95-octane fuel and diesel declined at midnight (last night) at gas stations off the motorways and expressways across Slovenia. A 95-octane fuel will be cheaper by more than three cents and diesel by almost five.

Over the next 14-day period, a litre of unleaded 95-octane fuel at gas stations off the motorways and expressways will cost 1.255 EUR, which is 3.2 cents less than before.

A diesel price has dropped by 4.9 cents to 1,193 EUR per litre, according to Petrol calculation.

Fuel traders set the prices themselves for a 100-octane fuel and fuel oil as well as 95-octane fuel and diesel at gas stations along highways and expressways. Elsewhere in the country, 95-octane fuel and diesel prices are regulated.

The prices are determined every 14 days in accordance with the regulation on the pricing of certain petroleum products, based on the movements of oil prices in the world market and the movement of the dollar-euro exchange rate. The biocomponent is also taken into account when calculating the model price.


Source: STA, vecer.com

Photo: Pixabay

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