Last year’s exports and imports the highest in value so far

Slovenia’s exports of goods increased by 8.5 percent to 33.5 billion euros, and imports by 10.9 percent to 34 billion euros last year compared to the year before. The absolute values were the highest so far. While the country has had a surplus in foreign trade in recent years, it recorded a deficit of 564 million euros last year.

According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia recorded a trade deficit last year with both groups of countries – the EU and non-member countries. Most of the goods were exported to Germany and imported from Germany.

In December last year, Slovenia exported goods worth 2.3 billion euro or 4.1 percent more than in December of the year earlier. It imported goods worth 2.7 billion euro or 11.2 percent more. In December, it recorded its highest deficit in that year.

Source: STA

Photo: Pixabay

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