Ljubljana City Councillors discussing the management plans for Plečnik’s arrangements

Ljubljana, February 3 – Ljubljana City Councillors are discussing plans to manage Plečnik’s Green Promenade yesterday – the promenade along the banks of the Ljubljanica river bridges and the Roman Wall at Mirje.

As they noted at the City Municipality of Ljubljana, the reason is the project of nominating the work of architect Jože Plečnik for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The reason for the consideration is the nomination project of the architect Jože Plečnik’s work for the UNESCO World Heritage List. The City Council adopted the proposal to approve the aforementioned plans for the units owned by the City Municipality. The management plans were also adopted for all other units being a part of the nomination and are owned by other legal entities (the Republic of Slovenia and the Roman Catholic Church), they explained at the City Municipality.

The management plans for individual monuments or sites are being implemented in parallel with the emerging joint management plan and the preparation of the nomination. The plans include the management and safeguarding the physical substance of the monuments, and the management and control of the visit, where appropriate.

The joint manager – already identified in the nomination dossier prepared by the Ministry of Culture, namely the Museum of Architecture and Design – will be in charge of soft content and coordination between individual managers. The management plans are prepared for the 2020-2025 period, with the action plans for that period also being a part of the plans mentioned.


Source: STA, rtvslo.si