Izola Hosts 17th Diplomatic Regatta

The Slovenian coastal town of Izola hosted the 17th annual Diplomatic Regatta, attended by almost 350 diplomats, officials and business executives. The regatta, organised by the Veter Sailing Club and the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a traditional opportunity for diplomats to socialize in a laid-back setting while competing. The honorary sponsor of this sporting and social event is Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Miro Cerar.

The Diplomatic Regatta idea dates back to 2002, when Australian Honorary Consul Viktor Baraga and Veter Sailing Club boss Branko Auguštin proposed organising a regatta to bring together diplomats accredited to Slovenia. The first regatta was held in 2003.

US Ambassador Ms. Lynda Blanchard


French Ambassador Ms. Florence Ferrari with the crew

Albanian Ambassador Pëllumb Qazimi with Family, Ukrainian Ambassador Mykhailo F. Brodovych with wife and Head of Diplomatic Protocol Natasa Prah


Turkish Ambassador Ms. Esen Altug, French Ambassador Ms. Florence Ferrari, Irish Ambassador Myles Geiran and Romanian Ambassador Anton Niculescu