Listen to your SOuL

The slovenian word »sol« (meaning: salt) pronounces similarly as the english word »soul«. Concidence? Not really. »Sol« is the soul of Portoroža.

The old healing tradition against the health issues of today

The tradition of salt production in the Sečovlje saltpans is still the same as 800 years ago. The salt makers of the time have thought the monks from the nearby monastery about the healing effects of the natural local elements. By doing so, both of them have broadened the knowledge. Through salt making process we receive one of the purest salt crystal of the world, while the monks took care of the mind cultivation. The neverending process.

Why SOuL vacation?

The inner peace, health and wellbeing are should not be taken for granted. We reach them with constant care. The natural healing elements, the comfortable rooms, 5* service of Mind Hotel Slovenija and even a pillow menu in every room is what we need for a perfect vacation. Waking up to the sea view of Gulf of Piran included.

Season your stay, the way you want it

Olive oil, seasonable vegetables from the hands of local producters and the salt from nearby Sečovlje saltpans are a red line of all dishes within the resort of LifeClass Portorož. Have a bite of colourful istrian snacks at the popular, Istrian bistro & Tapas bar or an exclusive gourmet esperience at Restaurant Salina. Alongside with memories of vacation you will also get a pocket size of Barba salt. To bring home.

Breath in the mediterannean airThe air in the coastal area is rich in negative ions which contibute to our health as well as the immune system. There is no wonder we feel better by the sea, our thoughts become clearer, our body becomes more agile and we smile more. Have a walk from Portorož to Sečovlje or Strunjan saltpans. Fill your lungs with the beneficial air!

SOuL on the skin

Did you know that Thalasso Center uses 5 local healing factors for the cure of several skin conditions? The soft skin feel after a salt peeling with mediterannean herbs is amazing. If you add a pearl bath with brine and aromatic oils and a fango body wrap to it, you get a totally new you. Liberating feeling.

Sound of the sea

The liberating feeling of floating in the sea water calls for the swim. The temperature of the sea will soon be high enough. The renovated Meduza beach with it´s offer of home-made ice-creams, refreshing drinks and comfortable deckchairs will take care for a pleasent beach-time experience. If you prefer warm water, opt for a relaxation along the meditation music in the heated pools of Sea Spa or those filled with thermal water. The World of healthy experiences 365 days a year.

The Author: LifeClass PR