“Army on the border”, protesters shouted and demand better control of Slovenia’s southern border

Several hundred people gathered to demand better control of Slovenia’s southern border. The rally was called after four illegal migrants abducted an elderly man earlier this week and used his car to drive to the border with Italy. The protesters believe that the government and the police are not doing enough to protect the locals living along the border, with many signing a petition with five key demands. Unless they are taken seriously, another rally will be organised in Ljubljana.

Around three hundred demonstrators gathered before and after the meeting to sign a petition urging the government to immediately protect the border and prevent illegal migration passages, to ensure the safety of people and their property, and to provide additional police units and sends an army with appropriate powers to the border, among other things, that no migrant can initiate an asylum procedure and that the government ceases all activities to build migrant centers along the border.

The protest was attended by Janez Janša President of the SDS, Marjan Podobnik SLS President, Božo Predalič former Secretary General of the two Jansa Governments. Branko Grims Milan Zver and among other things also a great opponent of the other route from Divača to Koper Vili Kovačič.