ROWMANIA – rowing contest on the Bled

The Embassy of Romania in the Republic of Slovenia, in collaboration with Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23 Association, Bled Rowing Events Team and SI Sport Ltd, proposes the organisation of a rowing contest on the beautiful Lake Bled on the 18th of May 2019.

The Rowmania rowing contest is a campaign organised in order to promote ecotourism and its principles, with emphasis on the valorisation of local heritage and natural resources. It contains a relevant information and education component of the efforts that have to be made for the efficient and responsible exploitation of these resources. The purpose of the event is to reconnect people to nature, having as main instrument the canotca (patented by the Association), as main drive the competition, and as inspiration Ivan Patzaichin – Romanian canoeist, quadruple gold medal laureate at the Summer Olympics in 1968, 1972, 1980 and 1984 and triple silver
laureate, and founder of the Association. The main attraction of the competition are the boats, canotcas, a rowing boat with unique design, created by Romanian woodwork craftsmen.

It is a tourist modern boat that carries on the tradition of Danube Delta’s fishermen boats, combining it with the manoeuvrability of modern fast canoes.

The event also aims to encourage people of all ages, sporting background or experience to spend time in nature and enjoy reconnecting to its values. The competition is just an incentive, the proof that everyone can find something thrilling or relaxing to do on the shores of a river or on water. The model can be easily replicated in order to promote Slovenia’s natural treasures and values.

The goal is to make people discover areas with potential, helping to strengthen the local brand and diversify the range of leisure activities.One more important goal of the event is that of creating cohesion within the local community. Participants have the chance to socialize, participate in the competition, enjoy rowing, etc. It can also be the start for a debate platform on the following topics: concern for a sustainable lifestyle, inclusion of sport and open air activities in the panoply of measures that lead to the increase of life quality, modern concepts of tourism
(slow tourism, ecotourism), environmental protection, sustainable development, activation of the local development potential, the link between the local generated projects and the prosperity local prosperity.

(Helen Svilan)

Photo: Romanian Embassy