Traditional Day of the Slovenian-German economy: Industrial AI can give the Fourth Industrial Revolution a huge boost

At the the traditional Day of the Slovenian-German economy 2019, held at the IEDC-Bled School of Management, one of the main themes was artificial intelligence – an inspiration for the digital future. Gerhard Engelbrecht from Siemens Corporate Technology presented used cases of Implementing AI into industry, mobility, energy and smart cities. Siemens now employs around 800 experts for data analysis and AI. In recent years, they’ve made many AI-based successes possible in industrial environments.

Photo: AHK Slovenia

Rok Koren, responsible for digitization and key customer care, Siemens Slovenia, led the workshop on the Digitalization Strategy, while the Director of Siemens Slovenia Medeja Loncar was a guest at the Artificial Intelligence, individual – company – society.

Digitalization has a strong impact on both our business and the Siemens organization itself as a global company. New business processes and models come in with innovations in the field of digitization it will be possible to build new business models.  If I focus on Artificial Intelligence, which is today the main topic, I can say that Siemens implemented the first solutions with the AI for its business partners already in 1995. The world is constantly changing and growing, so it is very important, that we know how to manage data well, format them in information that benefits us in our work. Today, data management is significantly more important than ever before in history, “said Siemens Slovenia CEO Medeja Loncar at the round table.

Photo: AHK Slovenia

Thanks to the ongoing collection and analysis of process data, we’re able to continuously retrain machine models and increase the accuracy of predictive analysis. These advances make it possible to reduce costly quality testing – such as X-ray inspection – by more than 30%.

With algorithms that automatically analyse the operating data, environmental conditions and component properties of gas turbines. This approach extends maintenance intervals by 30% and reduces costs by 16%.

With healthcare AI that enables Siemens to support doctors in evaluating thousands of X-ray images, and thus in ensuring more reliable diagnoses and better treatment for patients.

With extremely complex AI-based quality control capabilities for steel mills. This self-learning system is now a classic offering; since 1995, it’s been installed in 30 steel mills around the world.

(Helen Svilan)
Photo: AHK Slovenia