Excellent economic and business relations between Slovenia and Germany

The traditional conference devoted to the Slovenian-German economy is taking place today at the IEDC management school at Bled, with the opening address given by Prime Minister Marjan Sarec. His address started by highlighting the many years of excellent economic and business relations between the two countries, which he hoped would be maintained and further strengthened in the future.

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The Prime Minister also touched on the main topic of this year’s gathering by saying that artificial intelligence now accompanied us at practically every step of life. He pointed out that a robotics factory had recently opened in Kočevje, enabling us to see how robots can produce robots and how, during the manufacturing process, they already communicate with each other in a certain way.

He warned that “those who do not follow today’s trends and who are not proactive would not succeed, because no amount of knowledge helps unless you are proactive. It is better to know less, but to know how to learn and adapt quickly, and to be flexible. In that case, success is surely never far behind. Today one has to learn, advance one’s knowledge and follow new trends continuously.”

Prime Minister Sarec wrapped up his address by reiterating his desire for all stakeholders to continue to maintain good mutual contacts, and added that “we must integrate further, as Europe is not an island and is not responding quickly enough to today’s rapidly growing forces. We must therefore continuously integrate at the European level, which is also what today’s meeting is all about.”

The Slovenian-German economic conference is organised by the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce with the aim of strengthening economic and business relations and cooperation between the two countries. The main topic of the conference meant that the artificial intelligence laboratory at Jozef Stefan Institute was also invited to take part. This year’s event is taking place under the title “Industry 4.0: Artificial Intelligence”, an area with great relevance to the German and Slovenian economies. The event will throw some light on challenges and perspectives such as the impact of artificial intelligence on business processes and company productivity and artificial intelligence in Slovenian enterprises. The speakers will also present research, development and examples of good practice in artificial intelligence in Germany.

(Nikola Papak)

Photo gov.si

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